Part Tech, Part SEO Geek, Part Content Creator,
Part Digital Marketer.


I love nothing more than helping you grow your business / nonprofit through tech solutions, digital marketing solutions and content creation strategies. Thanks for visiting my site and getting to know me a bit. If I can help your business grow, give me a call.

You won’t find another expert more passionate and knowledgeable than Tom Jelneck. He’s done amazing things for our business and for that, I’m grateful
— Steven H., CEO Orlando Florida



You won't find anyone more dedicated to helping navigate you and your business through the complexities of tech & marketing.

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What I do

I partner with your business or nonprofit to help you build a solid digital marketing roadmap, evaluate your existing tech & execute.

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A Partner your business / nonprofit can rely on. always.

I've worked with consultants. I've handed over my share of money to people who just don't care. With no skin in the game, they'll throw out a few buzz words about marketing, tech, process, scale, etc., and leave you to your own devices. I don't roll that way, nor will I ever. When your hire me to help with your Tech & Digital Marketing you get a partner. A partner who cares and will always go the extra mile. A partner who lives the entreprenuer life every day and gets it. If you're tired of working with amateurs and need true horsepower and marketing know how, let's talk today. Call me: 407-830-4550 xt. 100 or click the button below. Your business will thank you. 

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