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I've seen so many businesses get frustrated about their Technology. Should we switch to the cloud? Should we being using a CRM? Which one? What software should we use for project management? Do we need all of these servers in our office? I've heard it all and have seen it all as well. Choosing the right tech for your company or non-profit can help transform your workflow, efficiencies and ultimately, your bottom line. I love helping companies and non-profits solve their technology problems and I look forward to helping yours out as well. 

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.
— Christian Lous Lange

Let's chat about your technology frustrations and where you want your business / non-profit to be. Defining the objectives and creating a tech plan of attack is what I do best. I can help with the following:

Email Storage Solutions
Cloud Storage
Website Backoffice

Cloud Integration
Cloud Software Selection & Implementation
CRM Selection & Implementation
Donor Relations Software
Sales / Marketing Automation

Call me at 407-830-4550 xt. 100 to learn more about my Tech audits and how we can work together. You can also click the shiny button below and we'll get in touch ASAP. I can't wait to help you drive your business farther.

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