In The News


A few years back on a warm, humid, swampy December’s day, I received a phone call from FOX. Terrified to answer, I picked up the call not knowing what lurked on the other end of the line. The well known reporter began asking me about a new Google product that had just come out that day. She wanted to come in to On Target and interview me about it. I knew just enough about this new product to be dangerous, but was terrified to goof up and bring potential shame upon the On Target team if I messed up. #FAIL.

After turning down an amazing earned media opportunity, by the grace of God, The Daily Buzz called the following week and booked me for a live appearance on their nationally broadcasted morning show. This SECOND call started everything. Both media outlets found me by a Google search, seeking a Digital Marketing / Tech expert.

I've has been blessed with 315+ television appearances on NBC, FOX, CBS, Spectrum & CCTV. My voice has lit up the airwaves with several radio interviews including NPR and WDBO. My expertise has been called upon by tech savvy reporters from USA Today and the Orlando Sentinel.