10 Reasons Why Your #1 Google SEO Ranking Is Yielding ZERO Results.

Just because you're number ONE in the organic OR paid search results does not automatically equate to more sales, more leads or even more traffic. Many businesses drool over the prospect of being number 1, many of them place so much emphasis on SEO that they totally take their eyes off of the prize in all of the other areas.

I've heard the question asked so many times by eager prospects and even some customers, "Tom, how much will it cost for me to being number 1 in Google and, how fast can I get there." It DOESN'T Work that way and further, you shouldn't be obsessed with being number 1, you should be obsessing about being amazing.

So, you're number 1 and you're getting more leads, more appointments, more traffic, etc.. You've ponied up maybe for extra PPC dollars and are 'out-bidding, out-ranking' your competition, but you're still not moving the needle. It may be tempting to FIRE your SEO company assuming that they are behind the failure of the search campaign, BUT, you need to dig deeper, you need to understand just why your website visitors aren't falling in love with your products, services, your website or your brand.

I've compiled 10 reasons why your #1 Google Organic OR Paid search result isn't yielding a damned thing:

  1. Your ad copy OR meta name and title description showing on your Google result simply don't appeal to anyone. You have to give the people what they want, speak their language, KNOW what they are looking for. Compose your ad copy or metas with your audience in mind.
  2. Your keywords just don't work. RULE #1 of Marketing: Know your audience. Know your audience and what they search for or don't even bother.
  3. Your AD is showing up for 'NEGATIVE KEYWORDS' or keywords that only include a 'snippet' of one of your desired key-phrases. Example: If you're trying to get found under Air Conditioning Service but prospects are search for Air Conditioning Jobs, your ad may still be displaying because you simply did not setup negative keywords in your campaign.
  4. You are driving people to your home page. This is the most common mistake I see companies make, they sell a specific product, want to show up under this product, bid on the keyword but drive the URL to the home page RATHER than a specific landing page that ONLY talks about that product. People are seeking THAT particular product right now and when you push them to your GENERALIZED home page, you don't push them through the sales funnel.
  5. Your website sucks. This is probably by far the most common reason for SEO and PPC failure. You spent all of this time working on your Organic SEO, you're spending hundreds or even thousands monthly on PPC only to ignore the way that your site is being perceived by audience. An old, dated, sloppy site will not convert. If your site is noisy, it will not convert. If you don't lead people through a sales funnel, your site will not convert.
  6. Your messaging sucks. This is also a very common problem. Messaging is critical, calls to action, value propositions all have to instill confidence in your website visitors. If your messaging doesn't resonate with them, they're gone and your didn't sell anything.
  7. Your website is busted. Yup. This happens too. Contact forms aren't functioning, the store isn't working properly, the shopping cart is hidden on the page, the phone number is buried in the footer under the copyright statement. Make it easy for people to buy from you!
  8. Your site looks like a turd in a mobile device. 60+% of site visitors are using their smartphones or iPads to check out your site from a Google SEO or PPC search. If your site isn't' responsive (doesn't render well in their phone) they are gone and on to buy from your competitor who is doing it right.
  9. Your site isn't secure. Would you put your credit card number into a website without a padlock / security certificate? I hope not. Today, more than ever, your site needs to be secure to instill confidence in your website visitors that their info is safe and secure when they buy from you.
  10. Your e-commerce store sucks. Not all online stores are equal. A good rule of thumb, 3 clicks to a sale. If it takes way too long for a customer to fill this out to register, or click here and do this, do that, don't do this, they are gone. Your store needs to be intuitive and stupid simple to use. Pro tip: Ask some friends to 'buy' something from your site and get their feedback on how the shopping process was.
  11. BONUS REASON: Seasonality. Believe it or not, people don't buy everything on your TIME frame. They may just be kicking the tires, or browsing, perhaps they are gathering information so that they can make an informed buying decision when its time for THEM. Pay attention to Google trends to understand WHEN your prospects buy things and plan accordingly.

The bottom line is this. SEO is important, yes. BUT, pushing people to a website that isn't polished is a huge mistake. Not doing your homework on how your customers shop, search and act on a website is a huge no no. Take the time and spend the money to do it right, or you'll be frustrated and spinning your wheels.

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