How Do I Get Started In Content Marketing?

Get Off Your Ass.


I get asked this question EVERY damn day. Tom, how do I get started with my content marketing? Do you REALLY want the answer? Are you sure? Sit your ass down in a coffee shop with a laptop and write. Put your ear buds in as you drive and record your voice. Turn that iPhone camera on your face while you're out for your morning walk and tell the world your stuff. Honestly. It's THAT easy. 

Many become paralyzed at the thought of having to talk about themselves, or what they care about, or even what they know. I'm here to tell you this. If you're going to make it in this digital day and age, if you're looking to build your personal brand or get the world to know about your new business, you're going to have to drop the paralysis and get to the grind. 

What If My Content Sucks?

You know what? It may suck. It may suck in the beginning which is why I encourage you to NOT try to force content out. Content should be about your journey, your ride, your daily grind and how you're making shit happen, NOT forced out 'stuff.' When you share your enthusiasm, charisma, passion, disdain, whatever, you light up and become animated. That's what people want online. They want to see the HUMAN in you and not the corporate bullshit speak. Be a freaking human and stand out, that's what changes everything

Youtube? Facebook Live? Medium? Podcast?


With so many channels available online it can be a real pain in the ass to determine where in the hell your content should live. Focus. Focus on who your intended audience is. Are they young? Are they older? Are they tech savvy? It's mission critical that you DO know who in the hell you need to be talking to, and then once you've got that figured out, find out what channels those folks are hanging out at and BE THERE. One of my favorite authors, Seth Godin says we need to build Tribes and be the leader. That's your mission, build a tribe of followers on these channels, feed them, nurture them, challenge them, inspire them and LEAD them. 

How Do I Make Money Doing This?


And there it is. This, is the real question, and here's the real answer. Your content should NOT be intended to add dollar bills to your bank account. The whole point behind putting yourself out there is to be known, NOT to generate quick, fast cash. So, why bother? Because marketing today is about attention. It's about getting someone's attention, inspiring them, keeping them engaged and feeding them. Once you've built a following and put in the time, people want to work with you. They see the value in you. They see the fire in you. They want to work with people who inspire them. Your mission, be that inspiration.

Give To Live

If you're not willing to invest some time feeding people with your passion, stop reading this. The only way that you'll get attention online today is by being real. The only way you can be real is to simply want to give and contribute to the digital world. You do that by sharing the talents you have, by sharing your journey and by being a human being who is trying to help lift others up. Plain and simple. Give and you will receive. 

Parting Advice

You may hate the sound of your own voice. You may not think you look good on camera. You may not think that you can write. Let go of all of that shit. I've been on TV over 350 times. I hardly EVER watch myself on the playback. My podcast, nope, I never listen to myself after the fact. This is where confidence comes in to play. You have to get over your self doubt and just GO. Like I said earlier, it MAY suck, but over time, you'll get comfortable in your own skin and be the rockstar that you were meant to be.

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Thanks for reading, now get your ass to work.