Tech Talk : Why Is That Shiny New Smart TV So Inexpensive Now?

With the Super bowl upon us, thousands of Americans start drooling over the next model of TV. It’s cleaner, smaller profile, larger screen, better picture, more apps, you name it, we want it, myself included. I remember the first big screen TV that my wife and I bought, it was one of those Sony’s with wheels. It was so big and bulky, AND the price tag was around $2200.00. Those days are gone, and one might wonder, how is it that I can grab a shiny new Samsung 65 TV with all of the bells and whistles for a paltry $650.00?

You may not like the answer.

It’s likely because those TV manufacturers are collecting and selling your data. They know what you watch. They know what you say. They know what zip-code and neighborhood you’re in. They are collecting oodles of amazing marketing data from you and your family. This data, to marketers like me, is GOLD. Sure, it’s creepy. Yeah, it doesn’t feel right. But, it’s a reality. Friends, data is gold, and these smart TV’s are mining it like crazy.

So, here’s the thing. Darned near anything connected to the Internet can jack your data. Facebook. Instagram. Apps. EVEN the roomba that cleans your house transmits data back to Roomba headquarters. It shouldn’t surprise you that your TV can do the same. If you’re concerned about what’s being transmitted, read the terms of use / service when you setup that TV. Turn off the microphone on the TV, adjust the privacy settings, etc.. ENJOY that shiny new 65 inch, just take precautions to keep your data safe.