You Can't Freaking Market To Everyone.

I'll always ask prospects this question: "Who is your market?" The response I get way more than I'd like: "EVERYONE, everyone is our market. We can sell this to everyone." Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Reality Check.

The Internet is hard. It's huge. It's getting bigger and bigger every day, which means that your target consumer of EVERYONE is getting distracted in such a way that you can't even imagine. There is no possible way that your business, UNLESS you are Pepsi, Apple, Amazon, etc., can reach out to effectively grab the attention of this audience and make a difference. The bottom line, your company and its marketing efforts will die way before you get any real traction and grab any market share.

You MUST Niche.

Take a look at your products and / or service. Sure, its possible that everyone could have a use for what you're flipping, but as we've discovered, you can't really market effectively to everyone. Choose a more niche audience, perhaps it's pregnant moms, maybe it's a segment of the population that's obsessed with Banjos or coffee, find a niche of people that would love your product or service and BE THERE. Connect with that target audience, show them how you know them, get to know their language and speak it, speak it well.

Stop Marketing Your Products.

Start marketing the essence of your company. If your company doesn't have a personality, get one. Be you. Bring it to life. People DON'T want to buy from a faceless, boring corporation. They want to buy from a company that speaks to them. A company with conviction and possibly even values, a company that isn't afraid to be creative and NOT speak corporate speak. A company that has balls. Stop being SAFE, start being alive and not afraid to push some boundaries. Don't, of course, be a schmuck, but be alive.

Getting Ready To Get Ready.

What are you waiting for? Waiting for your marketing messaging to be perfect? Good luck. The people who win at Marketing are the wins who go for it. They fail. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes they crush it out of the gate. The point is, you'll NEVER FREAKING KNOW if you don't get going, NOW. Ready? GO. Sure, you have to plan, sure you have to create and YES, you have to measure, but I see so many companies getting ready to get ready and they NEVER pull the trigger.

Maybe it's fear of failure, maybe it's laziness, maybe it's simply not in their wheel-house. If you can't get your marketing rocking and rolling, call a pro who can help. In fact, if you know enough to be dangerous about social media, SEO, content marketing, etc., you SHOULD hire someone who does it for a living and knows WAY more than how to be dangerous. This is NOT an area to skimp on or attempt to do it yourself.

The Bottom Line.

You NEED to stand out. You need to be remarkable. You need to sending different vibes than all of your competitors. You need to be amazing in your own right and share that amazing with the rest of the NICHE that you've chosen. Hey, feel free to call me, I'd love to help you pull out your remarkable so that you can share it with your target market. Give me a call: 407-830-4550 or drop me an email I'd love to see you succeed.

Thanks for reading and sharing with a friend,