One Trick Marketing Ponies.

Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.
— Issac Asimov

We all have a lens that we look at things through. Things like philosophies, convictions, religion, politics, ethics, etc. and that’s what makes the well-rounded world go ’round. It’s the hodge-podge of thought, the situations that have brought us to how we think and see the sun that help shape the world. Sometimes, though, we get tunnel vision. One thing, and one thing only is, in our world, the only way. The only path to whatever, the only way to think, the only way others should think and when those ‘others’ don’t see it our way, they are obviously wrong. Dangerous for certain.

When it comes to digital marketing, one-sided thinking will lead to failure, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but without a doubt, soon. Dirty lenses or lenses that aren’t even capable of being cleaned to let the ‘light come in’ turn into archaic thinking, and ultimately, lead to a catastrophic failure. It’s ok to have theories, it’s ok to have philosophies, but in the marketing world, there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat and honestly, the best way to skin the cat is through utilizing a wide variety of methods, a holistic approach if you will.

Meet The One Trick Marketing Pony

The one trick digital marketing pony knew about one way to do things, fifteen glorious years ago. Back in the day, this worked or back in the day, our marketing team scored hits because we simply focused on one angle. Guess what? the Internet changes EVERY day. The methods, what works, what doesn’t work. The algorithms, the attention span of a hungry digital populous, the platforms that we as a society use to post cat photos and spread proud dad photos of our kiddos. Marketing folks who rely on the way we used to do it are destined to fail. Marketers who cannot clean their marketing lenses end up in a brand tail-spin and look for the next people to blame for its failure.

The one trick digital marketing pony can’t continue to grow. The digital marketing space is fluid, as fluid as can be and certain lenses just don’t work anymore, and will probably not work again in the future. As long as we as a society keep changing the way we pay attention to stimulus and outside influences, the marketing folks worth their salt will continue to adjust strategy on the fly. They remain committed to learning, they remain OPEN to new ideas and concepts. They try, they fail, they try again and win. They rely on multiple strategies in order to skin the cat properly and cover all of the bases. They simply continue to clean their lenses.

Thanks for reading, and for cleaning your lenses from time to time.

Take care and thanks for sharing.

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